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Natasha remembers that her desire to 'beautify' things started at the age of 4 when she thought her grandmother's television would look pretty if she covered the edges with glitter paint. In her middle and high school years, she began making birthday cakes with fondant for family members and soon, friends were also asking her to make their birthday cakes. 

After a year or so, cake-making turned into invitation designing, assembling centerpieces, ordering chairs and linens along with entertainment and venue hunting. It quickly evolved into planning all of the aspects of fifteens, baby-showers, birthday parties and weddings including destination weddings. 

Nat's craft started with family and friends and has been in the works for over 6 years, but over the last two years, Nat has focused on building long-lasting friendships and partnerships with numerous clients and vendors in the South Florida area.

She is naturally driven by helping others and making the most important celebrations of their lives, exactly what they envision and as memorable and as smooth as possible. All of the hard-work and months dedicated of planning go into each and every event and always strives to go home at the end of the day with a happy heart knowing that she was able to bring her client's vision a reality. All of those smiles that she sees in her client's faces, is what really brings it all home to her and makes every moment worth it.

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