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Things to do this Easter weekend - Miami Edition

Who says Easter needs to be cancelled?

Though many events + celebrations have been postponed due to COVID-19, Easter Sunday, doesn't have to be one of them. Below are a few ways to make Easter extra special, since it'll be one that we sure won't forget.

Let's get into the Easter Spirit PEEPS!

Take Me to Church

(Insert Hoziers song here)

You can stay connected with your church on Easter by checking to see if it’s hosting a digital service: Many religious organizations have been offering online services, so do a little research online to find one you can stream.

Easter Brunchin'

If you typically go out for Easter brunch or head to Abuela’s for her Easter must haves—don’t take it upon yourself to cook a multi-course meal. You want your groceries to last as long as possible.

Instead, consider supporting local businesses. Call around to see if any restaurants are offering a to-go or delivery special for Easter meals. Here are a few must brunch spots in Miami, Florida:

  1. Grails + Spanglish Grails Miami and Spanglish Craft Cocktail Bar + Kitchen will be offering curbside takeout this Easter Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. For  $40 total, the sister restaurants will be offering a three-course Easter Brunch Kit meant for two with options like Smoked Salmon Benedict, BBQ Grails Burger, and a Croque Madame Sandwich. 2800 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127 Visit Website

  2. Eating House In addition to its all day brunch takeout menu, Eating House will also be offering Easter specials like Marshmallow Topped Pancakes, Cinnamon Roll French toast, and a Brunch Burger topped with Black Truffle Cream. 804 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134 Visit Website

  3. Root and Bone Go Southern with Root & Bone’s Easter feast. For $80 guests get four deviled eggs, a whole fried chicken with waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, kale Caesar salad, four slices of carrot cake, and a bottle of sparkling wine with OJ or all the “fixins” needed for a Bloody Mary. The meal serves four. 5958 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami, FL 33143 Visit Website

Social Distance-Friendly Egg Hunt

Setting the kids loose on a field or playground dotted with eggs isn’t really social distancing, especially if you typically do it as a group with other families. Instead, if your home and yard have the space, tuck eggs around your house for your kids to find.

For a larger egg hunt, get in touch with your neighborhood group text or homeowners’ association. Ask families to decorate large Easter eggs on paper and then tape the paper eggs into windows facing the street. On Easter Sunday, families can head out in cars, on bikes, or on foot—careful to keep their distance from one another—to try and spot all the eggs in the neighborhood.

Arts & Crafts

  1. Fun Easter STEM Challenges - Explore the changing seasons and holidays with STEM. These FREE Easter activities are perfect for engaging kids in science, technology, engineering, and math as they complete fun and engaging challenges! Click here for directions

  2. DIY Peep Slime (Yes, it's edible) - Love Peeps? Love slime? Make this edible Peeps slime recipe for Easter! This recipe for Peeps slime is the perfect Easter slime recipe and makes the perfect edible slime recipe that is a borax free slime and safe for all ages! Click here for recipe

  3. Interactive Easter Egg Hunt with Free Printable - Since Easter is normally associated with sugar highs, here's a way of keeping kids active and their snacks and treats less focused on sugar. Horizon’s snacks are the perfect fit for the easter egg hunt! Click here for directions & Click here for FREE PRINTABLE

  4. Make Chocolate Nests - Chocolate nests make cute Easter table centerpieces or are a great idea for gifts, with either handmade or bought Easter eggs inside. Anna King Shahab's easy recipe uses 400g of chocolate for several nests of various sizes, using a bowl with tinfoil as a template. You will need to be careful not to break the nests, such as placing them in a box or basket for giving them to members of your bubble. Click here for recipe

  5. Easter Bunny Ears with Free Printable - This is a great "hands on" Easter activity for your kids to do at home! Quick step-by-step instructions for completing this activity: Print a copy of the template for each child. Color/decorate the ears and the headband. Cut out the ears and the headband Tape or glue the two strips of paper together on one end and then help each child wrap the headband around their head and tape the two ends together to complete the headband. Tape or glue the ears to the inside of the headband in the the back. If needed, glue a pipe cleaner or craft stick to the back of each ear to help them stand up! Click here for FREE PRINTABLE

  6. Easter Bunny Wafer House - A fun and easy Easter House that kids can make. Skip the gingerbread house and make your own Easter themed bunny place for your kids to have tons of fun making. Click here for instructions

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

  1. Treats from Vicky Bakery - If you're from Miami, you can't spend Easter without pastelitos and croquetas for breakfast. I guess i'll speak for myself. Click here to find your nearest Vicky Bakery and place your order now!

  2. Order an Easter cake from Bunnies Cakes - & yes, they're VEGAN and Gluten Free! They're also offering DIY Bake at Home Chocolate Chip Cookies which are available on Door Dash, UberEats and Postmates. Click here to visit their website.

  3. Sweet Leches from a Cake Queen - Baker Vanessa Mateo from @ohhmysweetness has taking Tres Leche's to a whole new level. Tres Leches is definitely one of my top 5 favorite desserts, and i had to share! They pick-up & delivery within a 5 mile radius. Instagram: @sweetleches

As always, we hope you loved our post.

Comment down below and let us know what your favorite idea is.

Un abrazo,


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