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Welcome to “Our Creative Journal”… aka my blog

Hola mi gente,

If you’re one of the cuatro gatos (hand full of people) reading this, please comment down below so I can add you to my favorites list because you are truly a real one! Jokes aside, if you are reading this, I hope you and all your loved ones are safe, healthy & staying home during this time.

I’ve been 22 days in my four walls people… I’m cooking, doing research, watching Tiger King (#TeamJoeExotic), writing a lot, FaceTiming my loved ones, CREATING, and working from bed. With that said, I’m happy to say I’m finally done designing my website (kudos to all those web designers out there… it’s no fun). But, if you know me you know I like being somewhat non-traditional and I’m always up to something which brings us here…


Yes, I created a blog like if I’m some type of instagram influencer.

(This is the part where you laugh)

For a long time I have wanted to start a blog to have a creative outlet that would allow me to speak out to certain people. Expect to see many ventures from step by step tutorials, details from our favorite events, DIY projects, planning on a budget, holiday inspiration, freebies and much more; this is going to be a way to answer a lot of questions that I get on a daily basis through my instagram. Writing hasn’t always been my strong suit, but here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing with the world what I love to do - hoping to inspire others!

My passion for ‘beautifying’ things started at the age of 4 when I thought my Abuela’s television would look pretty if I covered the edges with glitter paint. In middle and high school, I began making birthday cakes with fondant for family members and soon, friends were also asking to make their birthday cakes. After a year or so, cake-making turned into invitation designing, assembling centerpieces, ordering chairs and linens along with entertainment and venue hunting. It quickly evolved into planning all of the aspects of fifteens, baby-showers, birthday parties and weddings, including destination weddings.

I can say it’s been in the works for over six years, but over the last three years, I’ve focused on building long-lasting friendships and partnerships with numerous clients, brands and vendors in the South Florida area. Enough about me, lets get down to business! Please comment down below any topics you would like me to touch on!

Thank YOU for stopping by… I am so excited for you to follow me on this journey! 

Un abrazo,


The Creative Cubanita

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